• Margin Matcher
    The Margin Matcher
    Customised software for this unique industry
    The proprietary Margin Matcher software algorithm’s scan prices on various Sporting events and will detect certain profit opportunities
    that exist.
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  • CT-Synery
    Management software for advanced analytics
    CT-Synergy enables our clients to manage a portfolio including energy, metals, minerals, agriculture, transportation, shipping, consumer products (CP), industrial manufacturers and many more.
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  • FX-Synergy
    Profit from currencies in a rising or falling market
    Our elite computer programmers have developed the FX-Synergy trading platform to be one of the most practical and advanced trading platforms available today.
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  • SO-Synergy
    Trade and manage your stock portfolio easily
    The SO-Synergy Trading Platform runs completely automatic using algorithmic formula our team of experts have spent decades of combined time putting together so our clients can benefit.
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Our commodity management software delivers advanced analytics to our clients, ensuring optimised results.


Maximise your profit making potential, our intricate trading platform has been created for professionals and novices alike.


Learn and take advantage of Margin Matching, a unique market which guarantees consistent ROI.


Our astute FX traders will show you how to profit in this trillion dollar market, even in a falling economy.

Welcome to Synergy Financials

Synergy Financials was established as a software development company in 2009. We specialize in financial diversity! It is our company’s philosophy that, in a world full of uncertainty, the ability to adapt and develop expertise in a wide variety of lucrative trading fields is an absolute necessity to success.

Synergy Financials specializes in the following fields:

Our team of industry professionals and trading experts has spent thousands of hours designing and building the most intuitive and robust platforms in each of these sectors. We proudly provide these innovative tools to some of the largest banking corporations and trading houses around the globe.

In the past 18 months, exciting developments within our company have opened up the opportunity to make our specialised software devices available to a limited segment of the general public. This means, in effect, that our retail-investor clientele can now take advantage of the same investment opportunities that our corporate clients have enjoyed for years.